• OtherPeoplesPixels Interviews Kate Sweeney

    A wonderful interview by OPP's Stacia Yeapanis.

  • Featured on Wescover site

    See where my work is featured in local spaces: Kate Sweeney’s Wescover Map

  • Facebook project featured

    Facebook project featured
  • Article up on Creators VICE web site

    I have an interview up on the VICE site Creators, by Diana Shi!

    Vice Creators



    I have the huge honor of being selected to develop a major artwork for Sound Transit’s Redmond Technology Center Station, one of 10 light rail stations in the East Link Extension that connects downtown Seattle with Redmond and the Microsoft campus.

    From Sound Transit:
    "Sound Transit incorporates the work and thinking of artists in its facilities, to create positive experiences for riders, and to contribute to walkable and livable neighborhoods. Sound Transit plans, builds and operates regional transit systems and services to improve mobility for Central Puget Sound."

    I will be posting about my progress on the work in the future, so stay tuned!

  • Show at SAM Gallery

    SAM Gallery at Seattle Art Museum

    Apr 13 through May 14th, 2017

    Seattle Art Museum
    SAM Gallery

    Featured Artists
    Alfred Harris
    Cathy Sarkowsky
    Kate Sweeney
    Jennifer Zwick

  • Water Totem acquire by City of Seattle

    Water Totem
    This small work on paper mounted on Sintra has been purchased by Seattle Public Utilities for their Portable Works Collection.

    The Office of Arts and Culture has also included it for display on banners surrounding the Seattle Public Utilities Pump Station, located in Ballard at 5300 - 24th Avenue NW.

    Look for my work in the collection and also in Ballard for the next year.

  • ARTISTS COLLECT Kirkland Arts Center

    I am very pleased to be in this show, opening January 6th. Curated by Michael Dickter, each artist will include their work as well as work of artists they collect.

    I'll be showing with Carole d'Inverno, Betz Bernhard, David French, and Michael Dickter, who will also be showing works from their collections. I am showing work from some of my favorite artists: Liz Tran, Robert Hardgrave and Sean Hurley, as well as my precious Huichol yarn painting.

  • N E W R E P R E S E N T A T I O N

    I am pleased to be associated with Laura Zeck
    and her gallery, new to the Seattle art scene.
    Laura has a powerful curatorial eye
    and a wonderful roster of artists.
    Zinc Contemporary in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA
    Zinc Contemporary

  • Crazy Quilt in SPA show

    My work, Crazy Quilt, was included in the Seattle Prints Arts show Pressing On at The Schack Art Center in Everett this fall.

  • SAM Gallery artists at Seattle Art Fair

    I am included in a group show curated by Jody Bento at SAM Gallery in the Seattle Art Museum, highlighting SAM Gallery artists who are showing at other venues during the Seattle Art Fair week. I am delighted as always to be selected for a show by Jody!

    This show runs through the end of August.

  • In Context show Seattle Art Fair week

    My wall installation, Out of This World, is included in In Context, a group show curated by Barbara Robertson and Ann-Marie Stillion.

    A cut paper collage the installation, 8 by 10 feet, is a study for a permanent piece that will explore the world of Virtual Reality. It plays with the ideas of 2D space, 3D space and the dimension in between, and how we visually create and experience the illusion of space, depth and location.


  • Artwork Purchase by City of Seattle

    I am thrilled to be apart of the collection of the City of Seattle. My artwork “Water Totem” has been selected for purchase by the City of Seattle for Seattle Public Utilities’ Portable Works Collection.

    The selection panel included three arts professionals from Washington State, and an advisor from Seattle Public Utilities. The panel reviewed the artworks from 307 applicants and selected 36 artworks by 34 artists, including me.

  • Zinc Contemporary Gallery

    I am pleased to announce that I will be showing large work as an artist at Zinc Contemporary, the newest venture of Laura Zeck. Located in the TK Building in Pioneer Square, Laura will be curating a roster of contemporary large works by PNW artists.

    The gallery's inaugural show, VERGE, which I have work in, will open on August 4th and runs through the end of August.


  • Harborview Medical Center Window Installation News


    SPAC Gallery - October 5 thru Nov 27, 2015
    Opening Reception: Thursday October 8 (5-7 PM)

    JULIA ALPERT - juliealpert.com/
    PAUL KOMADA - www.paulkomada.com/
    NICHOLAS SISTLER - www.nicholassistler.com/index.php/site/…
    KATE SWEENEY - katesweeneyfineart.com/home.html
    And a collaborative quilted installation curated and organized by JESSICA SUSAN VEHORN

  • *Satellite Seattle*

    Satellite Seattle.com showcases and celebrates the richness of arts culture in Seattle.
    SS is the go-to site for all the news on Seattle’s vibrant arts and cultural life. We will calendar events, showcase artists and arts organizations, have conversations with collectors and makers, and provide a comprehensive resource for artist opportunities and engagement. Look to us for the current info on what to see and do in Seattle each month.
    We launch our next mission this fall, and will be continuing to sponsor special events throughout the year.

  • Kate Sweeney at TASTE, Seattle Art Museum

    Feb 12, 6 – 7:30 PM
    Seattle Art Museum


    Please join us for an opening reception at Taste Restaurant for artist Kate Sweeney! Party with music from SAM's Art of Jazz, a special cocktail inspired by Kate's new work, and light refreshments.

    Kate Sweeney works as a medical and scientific illustrator, and is fascinated by natural phenomena. Using painted, sharp-edged geometric forms combined with computer-generated patterns and found images, she depicts a kinetically packed world. By painting the shapes by hand, Kate energizes and personalizes the surface, and the meditative, focused nature of the process works as an antidote to the turmoil of daily life. Using images based on the wet, stormy weather of the Northwest and quantum-scale space she explores emotional and personal change.

    Her work will be on view at Taste from Feburary 11 to May 10.

  • 4Culture’s Healthcare Window Treatment at Harboview Medical Center

    I have been chosen to create a window treatment for Harborview Medical Center's 3rd floor Neuroscience skybridge. The work will be installed on the windows along the passageway.

  • Natural Forms exhibit at Shoreline Community College Gallery

    Opening Reception Feb 5th, 4-6 pm

    I have two works in this group show curated by Natalie Niblack and Claire Putney of Shoreline Community College

  • The Scientific Eye: Art & Science -- Exhibit at North Seattle College Art Gallery

    I was one of the exhibiting artists in this group show this winter:

    Innovations in science have long been influential to visual artists in their studio practice. As marked advancement in science pops up as part of the news of the day, artists, not working in the perceived bubble of artistic life, intellectually grasp at these popular thoughts and theories. Einstein’s theory of relativity influenced Picasso and his contemporaries as they experimented with abstraction. So today, artists are looking to the large Hadron Collider and particle physics as well as other headlines dotting the Tuesday issues of the New York Times and “Science Friday” on National Public Radio. If we squint we can see that creativity at the forefront of Art and Science follows similar paths and that these two fields are less separate than we perceive them to be. The artists in this exhibition all make work based in science. In addition, the gallery has partnered with the nanotechnology department at North Seattle College and is displaying images from the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope: Images that might broker the next artistic deal.

    Artists in the show:

    Nola Avienne
    Christine Batson
    Justin Gibbens
    Derrick Jefferies
    Mari LaCure
    Kirk Lang
    Patricia Olynyk
    Barbara Robertson
    Kate Sweeney
    Lun-Yi Tsai
    & Scanning Electron and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope images from the NSC Nano-technology Program

  • Sound Transit Artist Roster News

    This spring, after being selected for inclusion in the Artist Roster for Sound Transit Light Rail projects, an honor in itself, I was selected as one of three finalists for Sound Transit's Light Rail Art Program at the Bellevue Transit Center.

    My proposal was not chosen but it was a great honor to be a finalist. I had a great time presenting my ideas and the opportunity, as always, tightened my focus on what motivates my art.

    Congratulations to Paul Marioni for being selected to create art work for the station platform!

  • Studio Break Interview

    David Linneweh, Creative Director at the wonderful web site Studio Break has interviewed me about all things related to my art. Check it out !


  • Spokane Covention Center Art

    I am a finalist for Spokane Arts Fund's call for interior art for the Spokane Convention Center. I will be doing a site visit and final proposal some time in the next few months. I will keep you posted!

  • Sound Transit Artist Roster jury selection

    This month I have been accepted into Sound Transit Artist's Roster, an honor and opportunity in the public art realm.

    "Sound Transit’s Art Program, STart, will use the Artist Roster as part of the process in selecting artists to create permanent, site-specific artwork that will be integrated into the agency’s expanding transit system that serves the Greater Seattle area."